Tuesday, July 13, 2010

time time time, look what's become of me

Well, I'd like to make this funny. Entertaining, and spellbinding.
and I'm about to go buy more plane tickets, so I don't know how much
time I'll have for all of that.
Auroville was good. The largest sustainable community in the world.
It stinks that we only had time to stay a few days. with the fares the way they
were, we had to cut a couple days off each city. Never fear, however.
We were able to take the 28 hour train from Chennai to Calcutta. 4 people
barfed, one on another passenger, one 17 year old boy accosted by the
prostitute/beggar, and I only peed once (thank you vishnu)
NOw we are in the City of Joy...at the hotel Paragon...not exactly
5 star. I wish I had more time, but I'll have to make some later.

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