Sunday, August 29, 2010

it never rains

I saw some 1500 year old ruins this morning(called Huaca Pucllana), and then I hurried back to the Parque Kennedy to find a walking tour that nobody has ever heard of.
Things in other parts of the world are so old. Turtles, bricks, trees--people not so much. I love watching the birds, too.
Oh well, I'm here at Starbuck's, of all places. Free WiFi...I'm paying bills online, but there seems to be some sort of freakin' issue with the sites--it's taking forever to load. As soon as I give up here, I will look for the bus to take me to a museum...and I am really hungry today. I haven't been starvola, but today I am. The apple, cheese, and banana I had for breakfast is gone now...
last night there were protesters in front of McDonald's. They had signs with pictures of mutilated chickens and recordings of screaming didn't change my mind about eating Big Macs at the golden arches...but it did make me think. Plants are alive, too. It's like they are proclaiming one for of aliveness better than another. People have actually been eating animals for thousands of years. It takes longer to digest flesh, and red meat lasts the longest, I think. It isn't actually easy to get all the protein you need with just veggies, either. I think for now, I'll just keep eating fruits veggies and flesh. Honestly, though, if I had to see these animals slaughtered, I may change my mind.
No judgement. All points of view considered and my choice is made. I will do my best to stay away from pork , though. and actually, Peruvians eat a ton of pork, though.
AND did you know it doesn't rain in Lima? I don't know this to be for sure, bet your car on it...but the guide from this morning said that it doesn't rain here ever. and so it goes.
In the morning, I leave for Iquitos. I think it's warmer there...yes, wishful thinking.
Maybe the book for me to write is for women traveling alone.
Still really, you must do something for yourself.
A pedicure, movie, a nice meal or an icecream cone...start small. THEN get your passport and book your own adventure ticket!
ahhhhhhhhhhh love to love ya baby...................................

Oh, and P.S. they eat Guinea Pigs here. And Alpaca.
I'll let you know what I decide on those 2--

Saturday, August 28, 2010

See Me....

pre scuba.
hangin with my sea lion buddy.
happy with cactus.
a little drinky with a 200 yr old tortoise.
wind in my hair, ocean and red growy stuff

Boobies with Blue Feet

If you ever get the opportunity to go to the Galapagos, take it. Better yet, create it for yourself. Really. A year or two ago, some friends of mine went on a cruise to the Galapagos, and I remember wondering if I'd ever get there. I was in awe of the photos. Then last year, all of a sudden, I said I was going to Peru...and then badda bing badda boom, my dad won the freakin' lottery! And I went from Peru, to the Galapagos, Iquitos, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. I'm not saying that if you declare it, your dad will win the lottery (chances are much greater if he actually plays, though).
The Universe is conspiring on my behalf. It didn't just fall on my lap. I had the opportunity to quit my job, and I took it. I had the opportunity to call some people I met on the plane, and they made me part of their family and showed me the sites of Quito.. I could have booked the 4 day cruise, instead I shopped around and got the 8 day one. Honestly, it seems so natural, but when I read emails and facebook posts, I realize that people, not just people, my loved ones, are at home wishing they could be on their own South American Adventure.
Now back to the Galapagos.
I'm a dork, but saying Blue Footed Booby makes me giggle. And they REALLY do have blue feet. The Albatross actually has blue feet, as well. And an interesting little tidbit--when Blue Footed Boobies die, their feet do not stay blue. I must research this further to find out what actually happens...(there are also Red Footed Boobies, but they were ever elusive this time around) and I say this time, because I really think I'll return to the Galapagos. I still have to take underwater photos and see RFBs, hammerheads, and whales.
You have to take a cruise when you go. I went on a tourist superior boat, which was small, and a bit wiggly at times, but had an amazing crew and an even better guide...which reminds me. Level 3 guide is a must. ALSO, make sure your boat has no more than 16 of those Love Boat deals is the last thing you want. Way too many people, way too much time to get through the things you want to do and see.
Tell you what, I'll go with you. Maybe that's my new job...taking people to places they've always wanted to go.
Ahhhhhh what a life!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

mother flusher

In 48 hours, I'll be in Quito, Ecuador. I need to look at a map...I think the toilet water swirls in the other direction there. That's not code. South of the Ecuator, the toilet water swirls opposite ours. I just checked the map on my wall, and it seems that Quito is close enough for me to experiment! (it's the little things, you know) I can flush and then cross the street, and reverse flush...don't worry. I am not going to spend my 10 weeks flushing toilets for IS on the list though. Right now, I am not certain why I cannot pack the backpack. or why I'm not putting things away. for the love of vishnu, there's gonna be a party here tomorrow, AND I'm seeing Samantha (my hair wizard--I know I know, you thought it grew like this)AND I'm seeing Eat Pray Love at 110.
You're right. I'm going.